Girl inadvertently asks for comestic surgery for her ninth birthday

What do nine year old girls want for their birthdays these days?

iPod Touch?  iPad?  Smiggle stationery?  Clothes?  Money? Pretty bedroom stuff?

Or some plastic surgery?

Take a look at this gorgeous birthday list of my friend’s 8 year old daughter.  Pay special attention to Item 9.

Funny.  Funny.  Funny.  Actually bloody hilarious!  .

I ask for the same thing every year – the non-saggy, smallish pert type.  So far I’ve received nada.  Nothing.  Diddly Squat.

Maybe I should have started preparing for my ‘post-kids, nearing forty boobs’ back when I was nine, and added ‘a nice rack when I’m forty’ to my Birthday List.

By the way, it was meant to say ‘tights’, not ‘tits’.  Our nine year old girl is completely innocent!

Here’s to new tits tights!

Amy x

Ps. A big thank you to my gorgeous friend for letting me share her daughter’s birthday list xx

6 thoughts on “Girl inadvertently asks for comestic surgery for her ninth birthday

  1. This is unbelievable…a 9 years old girl should think about Barbie dolls not about big tits. I’m 100% sure her parents had a bad influence on her but hopefully after they saw this letter they started to be careful what they’re talking about in front of their kid.
    I had liposuction in Toronto las year but my 6 years old daughter knows nothing about it. I will tell her only when she will be old enough to take decisions and understand their consequences…

    • Thanks for your thoughts florencejwatson. At the end of the post, I reveal that the word tits was actually misspelt by the 9 year old. She had meant to write tights! As in stockings. A completely innocent typo.

      Rest assured, I would never condone a 9 year old or any child/adolescent wanting cosmetic surgery.

      Thanks again


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