FNL Trivia

Tonight was trivia night at the FNLs.

Mr F (age 40) vs. Georgie (age 7).

Not only a very funny family caper – I got to make up the questions and judge the answers so obviously hilarious – but it was also a good opportunity to teach Georgie that it’s not all about winning. Or more so it was Episode 1 of ‘Don’t Be A Sore Loser’.

Yes, our daughter doesn’t handle losing well. Never really has. When she was three I’d occasionally beat her at ‘Pony Cards’ – a memory card game. I’d win sometimes just to keep it real. But heck everytime she lost she’d unleash a can of sulky, teary, tanty BS.

These days when she or her team loses it’s usually a long yell of protest, a string of its not fairs, an air punch and sometimes tears.

So Mr F and I held a board meeting on the weekend. It was moved and seconded that we need to take some time to really teach Georgie how to lose gracefully when she doesn’t win.

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that we’ll play games with Georgie just so we can win. That would be soooo tempting childish.

We’ll just give her some strategies and lots of talking about games, winning, losing and the ‘journey’. And lots of trivia matches. I’m sure each conversation will end with me saying something like:

“It’s not about winning or losing, it’s how you play the game. But know this, nobody remembers who got second place.”

WHAT??? I’m joking! I AM.

Anyways, tomorrow night is Georgie vs Me.

Mr F is the compere / adjudicator. He’s already put together a few social media addiction questions for me. See I am the family joke when it comes to Texting. Facebooking. Blogging. Pinteresting.

His first question: How does Mum (me) feel when she has 4589 friends, 23,517 likers and 579073 followers on Facebook? (Mr F isn’t very social media savvy…yet)

My answer: Popular. Happy. Beautiful. And a little bit up myself. And you know what? I feel like a WINNER! Joking again.

Love Amy x

Ps. Georgie won tonight by 1 point. Tomorrow night she may not be so lucky. Hahaha (evil laugh).


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