Today we won lotto

Woo Hoo!  Go Team FNL!  Woop Woop.

It’s on.  Like Donkey Kong.


We’re keeping it quiet though.  Don’t want any trouble.

I told Mr F I had a good feeling about this one.  This time I was right!

We won…wait for it…yes…we are so loaded now.

Today we won:


Man, we’re giving up work.  For AT LEAST 15 minutes.

Seriously though.  Mr F did get excited. The little computer screen at the newsagent told him he’d won.  But it didn’t tell him how much.  That has to mean a HUGE sum of money. You would think so.  Yes?

Um.  Well.  No.  It doesn’t work that way.

Didn’t stop Mr F from grinning like a cheshire cat.  Giving a small “woo hoo”!  High-fiving the sales assistant, whilst reminding the sales assistant how important it is for him to remain anonymous.

All this hoo-ha.  Really.  It was my fault though.  I built him up.  I told him I had a good feeling.  I started the positive thinking thing.  You know, like The Secret.  I talked like we’d already won the jackpot baby.

Ah well.  Small wins.  They all add up.  Keep us dreaming/hoping for another week.  Sucking us in.  Clutching on to that one in a billion chance that we will get some easy money baby.

But for now.  For this small win, we’ve decided to blow it all.

On another lotto ticket.

Now this one I REALLY DO have a good feeling about.

Wish me luck!

Amy x

* Image c/o here.


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