The hard work of being popular

I LOVE being popular.  Sweet Mary, it can be hard work though.

My popularity is tidal.  And usually the tide is out, with only a few waves or ripples of social events.  But sometimes, like now, the tide is in baby, and my mind cannot keep up with where I need to be or when I need to be there.

Dinners, birthday parties, lunches, breakfasts, guests staying with us.  Then guests checking out, and new guests checking in.  Then two sets of guests staying at the one time.

This schedule is going to BLOW UP in my face.

It has.  Already.  One short path of social destruction.

All because I’m wildly popular (I LOVE saying this), but mostly because of my crap memory. (For more exciting details on what I can’t remember please click here, then please come back and tell me what that post was all about.  Because honestly I can’t recall).

Yep, as of yesterday I had triple booked an evening, double booked a day, and could potentially have had an additional 10 people staying at our house ALL AT THE ONE TIME.  All within a two week period.

After the cold realisation that I do not have what it takes to be a C Grade Celebrity (because I’m sure I was getting close to this status),  I had to spend a solid two hours of group texting, facebooking, and actually ‘speaking’ to people to re-shuffle, re-organise, readjust, realign and reschedule.

Now I need to reassess and recharge with a chilled wine.  Please!  Look at me showing off with all of my ‘re’ words.  No wonder I’m so damn popular.

Anyway, now I’m back on my game.  I’ve got this social thing sorted.  And I’m still EXTREMELY popular, and not up myself at all.  Much!

Oh look.  There’s me now.  With all of my friends.

Ahem.  Clearly I’m in-between social engagements.  A matter of seconds.

Amy x


2 thoughts on “The hard work of being popular

  1. It’s all very familiar. On saturday we have a 3 way collision of events. Only Mr P doesn’t have anything on! Something will have to give, he can’t be in two places at once (with out the use of a time travel device anyway).

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