Australia’s got talent. Indeed

Australia does have talent.  And today the spotlight is on my fabo friends and their gift for napkin folding.

We were out to dinner on Friday night, and after much other conversation about a number of important topics (*see below), we got onto the art of napkin folding.  Accompanied by full demonstrations, by my super-talented friends.

Yes.  As we bantered and laughed and cried (with laughter), one of my very clever friends pulled a rabbit out of her hat (metaphorically speaking).  What she really did was wow us with some lightening fast napkin origami.  Here it is.  Quite a work of art, I’d say:

A few quick folds and wha-lah!  I give you: A Chicken.  Now that is funny.

So, not to be outdone, Lady No. 2, filled us in on her napkin folding ‘show’ days, and soon whipped this little number up:

Then this:

And the clincher.

Wait for it. Oh Master of Nimble Fingers:

IT IS: The Bird of Paradise.  Too clever.

How cool is this stuff?  The hidden talents of my friends.  I never knew.  I am really impressed. And inspired.

And so my quest for napkin folding perfection has begun.  Here are some samples of my work so far:

“Dinner Just Eaten”

“The Shirt Off My Back”
And finally my masterpiece.

“V for Victory”

Yes friends, we are all winners in the world of napkin folds.  Not to mention brilliant and accomplished sculptors.

I hope to launch a masterclass in the near future, aptly named: “Fold That Napkin”.

Just looking for a venue.  And potential customers.  Oh, and some skills.

What hidden talent/s do you have?  Go on, share with us.  I’m up for a new skill / challenge.

Amy x

* Important topics included:

Carbs – are bad in food, but don’t count in alcohol.  That’s just a given.

YouTube – it takes more than 76 hits to become the new YouTube sensation.  Support our Gangnam Style cause here.

Parking – it’s hard to park straight, let alone avoid the yellow line.

Wine bottles – will move when surrounded by melting ice.  They also talk and are usually asking to be drunk.  Because they’re lonely, but fun, and they want to share.

Sex Toy Slings – umm, don’t ask. But the image was googled.  And thoroughly entertaining.  Especially if you consider the risks involved.  Like being left to hang on the door, completely naked, while your partner gets a drink of water.  Then forgets you’re there and kicks the door open.  So you slam into the wall.  Enough said.


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