Rebels without a cause

I know one.  She is three.  Also my daughter.

Yes, Miss Jaz is kicking up a bit of stink at kindy lately.  Bucking the system, rocking the boat, refusing to conform.  It is anarchy of the kindy kids.

She has a partner in crime.  Her little bestie.  Both girls are cute as can be and very funny, but so determined and so full of spunk.

The latest rebellion is to just rock up to kindy and tell all and sundry (in a sing-song nerh nerh nerh voice:

“Me don’t like kindy.  Yeeeeah”.  First Jaz says it, then her bestie.  And vice-versa.

Prior to this was sneaking off to another table when their table was meant to go and wash their hands.  When reprimanded, both girls look at each other and Jaz pipes up with:

“Ooops. We’s been caught out.”  This is accompanied by a sweet, innocent and well-rehearsed smile.

Seriously, she cracks me up.

So, with many years of schooling ahead, I think our little rebels will learn to conform.  Or will they just play up continuously?  To use Jaz-speak: “Me thinks hers will be a bit naughty.”

This, my friends, is where boarding school has some SERIOUS merit!

I’m researching boarding schools now.  I figure that I can then blame someone else (the school) for her future rebellions.  Yes.  That’s the answer!

Amy x


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