The mother of all vomitrons

Yesterday my George had a 24hr virus. A nasty vomit virus. [Read on at your own stomach-turning risk].

The FNL’s haven’t been blessed with many of these bugs of late. THANK GOD.

So it should not surprise me that Miss 7 scored zero out of ten for getting the vomit in the bucket. Poor darling. Me, I mean. Having to clean it up. (Kidding! I hate it when my girls are sick).

Anyway. There is always the grand finale of the virus, right?. The show-stopper. Well, after a few hours of no throwing up, Georgie got off the couch to go to the toilet and head for bed.

It was in the toilet that Georgie felt the final but dreaded stomach lurch. And proceeded to puke. And vomit. And spew. On everything, everywhere. Except in the toilet itself. I ran in with the bucket, but it only caught a tiny portion.

Holy Ricardo. I have to give her 100 points for coverage. She even counted it up herself and told me this morning that she hit six targets. Toilet floor, toilet seat, toilet walls, hall floor, bucket and toilet (I’m challenging the last target).

So that was our Thursday. And now the countdown begins for the rest of the FNLs. Will the virus spread like its usual wildfire self? Do I feel sick? Do I need to vomit? Do I need to lie down? The questions we’ll be asking ourselves for the next week.

Fingers crossed that the vommie bug has been contained. To our floors, walls, and seats. Hmmm. Don’t like our chances.

By the way, my Georgie is feeling much better today! Thank goodness.

Keep healthy!
Aims x

* Note: no images are included with this post. For obvious reasons.


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