Who is Rosy?

About Oh Sew Rosy

Oh Sew Rosy was inspired by my daughter Georgie Rose – who was always oh so pretty, oh so beautiful, and is now oh so (sew) rosy.

We are a sewing lounge based on the Gold Coast – where you can learn sewing, knitting, crochet and lots more crafty techniques.  Our sewing lounge is a getaway where you can free your creative inspiration (yes, everyone has it inside somewhere!) and make lovely, quirky, unique and totally cool things!

We cater for all sewing levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and for the occasional sewer.  We offer structured sewing classes on the Gold Coast, along with CRAFTernoons and CRAFTernights – ideal for BYO sewing, finishing projects, crochet, knitting, quilting, upskilling, and learning new sewing techniques.  We are also building our online shop, showcasing contemporary fabric, patterns and delightful handmade goodies.

We have classes for kids (10+), teens, mums, and everyone else basically!

About Amy

Hi, I’m the founder of Oh Sew Rosy, a thirty something lady, a busy mum of two girls, a loving wife (well I think so!), a sewing teacher,  and a lover of all things sewing.

I am constantly inspired by our students, their projects, their fabulous fabric choices, funny stories and the achievement of starting people on their creative journeys.

While my blog is/should be primarily about sewing, you’ll find a lot of other good/random stuff that I write about, including food, kids, house stuff, and anything I think I can share.  Hope you enjoy!

Amy x



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