How to lose your dignity at the Chemist

Have you ever had a haemorroids  hemmoroids hemmorrhoids?  God, I can’t even spell them.

Well I suffer from the above ailment.  Or as I like to call it: A Dinosaur-arse.

Of course there are readily available medicines for this condition.  Namely suppositories. However, there is a catch to acquiring them.  Read more at Weekend at Rosys.

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Rosy takes on a new name

Hello my gorgeous friends!

It’s official. Your favourite Rosy blog has changed it’s name.


And you can now find us here!

Why the change? My blog was originally based on my sewing business. However, as time’s progressed I’ve found that I’m blogging more about random ‘stuff’, and not much about sewing!

And so Weekend at Rosy’s has been born. Come visit us here. Subscribe if you dare!

Love Amy x