A fabric vignette. Cute.

I love a good vignette. Sounds like a good wine I think.

By vignette I mean a shading / screening / ghosting effect often used in graphic design. Like this:

Exactly what I’m talking about. This fabric vignette. Aptly named Ombre Dots by Riley Blake Designs.

Cool, huh? And I’ve learned a new word: ombre. You may already know it. In case you don’t, it’s a french design term meaning the graduation of colour in a garment.

I’ve just made some super cute pillowcases for my girls. With some left over blue for….some creative genius Pinterest type item.

If you like it as I do you can buy it right here at Hawthorne Threads. BTW Hawthorne Threads is one fabo fabric store. I buy all my fabric there. Go. Now. Click. Hawthorne Threads. That’s it.

Bye x