Fashions on the field

Fashions on the field are not quite the same as Fashions in the Backyard for Cup day.  My lovely friend, Mrs H stepped it up today…or didn’t!  She did have a good laugh at her outfit.  Read more here.


Be careful what you search for

I’m a big fan of the google search. Even better is the random connections/answers/sites that you get back.

After recently teaching my friend how to crochet, she wanted to find some cute patterns for her baby.

She searched for crochet patterns.  Then crochet beanies, crochet headbands, crochet shoes.  And the most beautiful pair of crochet sandals (thongs) appeared.

Google is like a genie really.  You wish it, Google finds it.

Until you get lazy.  Wanting the pattern for these super-cute sandals, my friend google-searched for crochet thongs. This my friends is when the fun began.

I have four words for you:  WHOA!  CROCHET MAN THONG!

How FUNNY is that?  My friend and I laughed and laughed.  I have tears of laughter still.  It’s all about the unexpected, the surprise factor, the BAM: Take That!

I’ve ordered one for Mr F.  He tells me that he’ll need an extra extra large.  I told him he’d better make a wax appointment.

How about you?  What have you found by accident in your internet searching?  Something funny? Strange? Or just rude?  I’m all ears and looking for a laugh.

Amy x

A common but unforgiveable fashion mistake

I love a good fashion crisis. Can talk about it for days. To loads of people. (Well I really just think about it once and move on).

I like to think I have an eye for what’s in vogue.  That’s because I am an on-trend, fashion and design goddess. As quoted by myself and completely untrue.  Obviously.

So yes, I will pounce on a fashion disaster.  Except when:

My daughter is the fashion crisis-er (new word?!)


Here it is. I’m laying down all of my ‘on-trend’ cards. I must share. And declare. My three year old has committed THE BIG FASHION SIN.

You got it girlfriends. Socks with sandals. Only allowed…well…NEVER.

The worst part is.  I let her wear them to kindy.

As many of you will understand, it’s just NOT worth the argument.  Especially when you’ve got under 2 minutes to pack car, get in car, drive to kindy/school, drop off children, detangle three year old from monkey grip around your neck, then get to work AND look fresh and amazing.

And so it is.  Socks with sandals.  Whatevs.  Big sister fashionista – Georgie – will teach Miss Jaz.  The do’s and don’ts of the fashion world.  We’ll get there.

At least it’s a huge improvement from last year’s outfit of choice: undies only.

Kisses and plenty of them!

Amy x

Colour me happy for under 100 dollars

A selfie.  In full colour.  Bit unfocused.  Purposefully for effect.  Ok, not really.  Just a crap shot.  Honestly how do you hold the phone still, while looking in the mirror, while finding the SNAP button on the iphone?  I need more practice at the selfie.

Also, I’m not sure whose thighs they are?  Can’t be mine.  Surely?  Note to self: google thigh exercises.

Anyway, back to my story.

I feel like it’s 1960 again.  When colour TV was embraced by the universe.  I’ve coloured me up.  Brightly I walk.  No longer a traffic hazard.  Wait.  That sounds bad.  I hope I never was a traffic hazard.

I’m fifty shades of a pantone colour chart.  Hmmm (glancing at myself).  Make that ten shades.  Loves, I have coloured me happy.

And all for under 100 bucks.  Extra happy!

We have floral print jeans from Cotton On: $50

Peach top from Cotton On: $15 (two for $30)

Red shoes from Target: $30

Yep. Look at me go.  Total of $95.  One complete outfit.

Man, I used to spend more than this on one single item.  Got the kids now of course.  Budget.  And I feel so PROUD when I can bargain shop and look ‘on trend’.  (I love saying ‘on trend’.  It’s my new favourite phrase. You must love it too?)

That’s all.  Have a great weekend.

Amy x

ps. This isn’t a sponsored post.  Just a happy, on trend customer.