How to lose your dignity at the Chemist

Have you ever had a haemorroids  hemmoroids hemmorrhoids?  God, I can’t even spell them.

Well I suffer from the above ailment.  Or as I like to call it: A Dinosaur-arse.

Of course there are readily available medicines for this condition.  Namely suppositories. However, there is a catch to acquiring them.  Read more at Weekend at Rosys.

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The blogger formerly known as Amy

I have a new name.  Re-christened if you like – by the young 20 somethings at work.

Yo y’all.  From now this sister’s name is  A-DAWG.

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Could this be the key to happiness?

Ahem.  This is Mr F.  Looks like he’s found his happy place.  Would you agree?

Hmmm.  I’m just going to come out and say it.

I CANNOT remember seeing Mr F this happy!  Except for those obvious moments of joy, like: seeing me every day, listening to my amazing stories, massaging my feet, and dressing himself up in a frock.

Okay that last one was a lie.

Mr F met the Grid Girls last weekend at the Gold Coast 600 (V8 Car Racing).  I believe he was very displeased to be swamped by them, but had the strength and uncanny ability to fake this heartfelt, golden smile for the camera.

Mind you, for many years it has been my understanding that what happens on the track stays on the track.  Just like any girls weekend.  But this photo was SOMEHOW leaked by Mr F’s mate.  I’m sure it was just an oversight.  An accidental ‘SEND’ tapped into his phone.  Ha!

As for finding the key to happiness Mr F – if this is it, then enjoy your brief 8 seconds, because you’re coming home to a world of pain!

Now I’m off to find myself some nice young gentlemen scantily dressed and desperately looking for a photo opportunity.

Amy x