Ripple Crochet Blanket


How good is CROCHET?!

Really…I am a bit of a nut for it.  A little bit Nana I know, but it works so well as a relaxing ‘unwind’ activity for me.

I usually get stuck into it each evening, once the kids are in bed.  I’ve been making heaps of home decor stuff, from lampshades…to floor mats….and scarves.  I am truly knocking myself out with the stuff!  I’ll publish more pics and how-to posts in the next few weeks – so stay tuned dear readers!

Now to today’s subject (or this year / two year’s subject – because let’s be realistic It’s likely going to take me that long to complete).

It is my RIPPLE CROCHET BLANKET – which is presently at a nice length to cover ONLY my feet. But I’m working on that.


I am loving this ripple pattern – available right here from Attic24. Lucy has provided the pattern, detailed stitch instruction and excellent images – all for free!  Well worth a look and try.

I’m using 10 ply Country Aran from Cleakheaton – and it is divine.  As a bonus it’s nice and thick…so my blanket is growing quickly!  I’d definitely recommend using 8ply yarn or above just for the quick progress alone!

Are you into crochet?  What are you making at the moment?

I love your feedback, so keep it coming!

Rosy x


Weekend at Rosys

What a weekend we’ve had!  In a snapshot there’s been DIYing, baking, chilling, painting, BBQ’s, rain, and…wait for it…nude water sliding (ha!).  Visit my new Weekend at Rosy’s Blog to read more.

Amy x

Australia’s got talent. Indeed

Australia does have talent.  And today the spotlight is on my fabo friends and their gift for napkin folding.

We were out to dinner on Friday night, and after much other conversation about a number of important topics (*see below), we got onto the art of napkin folding.  Accompanied by full demonstrations, by my super-talented friends.

Yes.  As we bantered and laughed and cried (with laughter), one of my very clever friends pulled a rabbit out of her hat (metaphorically speaking).  What she really did was wow us with some lightening fast napkin origami.  Here it is.  Quite a work of art, I’d say:

A few quick folds and wha-lah!  I give you: A Chicken.  Now that is funny.

So, not to be outdone, Lady No. 2, filled us in on her napkin folding ‘show’ days, and soon whipped this little number up:

Then this:

And the clincher.

Wait for it. Oh Master of Nimble Fingers:

IT IS: The Bird of Paradise.  Too clever.

How cool is this stuff?  The hidden talents of my friends.  I never knew.  I am really impressed. And inspired.

And so my quest for napkin folding perfection has begun.  Here are some samples of my work so far:

“Dinner Just Eaten”

“The Shirt Off My Back”
And finally my masterpiece.

“V for Victory”

Yes friends, we are all winners in the world of napkin folds.  Not to mention brilliant and accomplished sculptors.

I hope to launch a masterclass in the near future, aptly named: “Fold That Napkin”.

Just looking for a venue.  And potential customers.  Oh, and some skills.

What hidden talent/s do you have?  Go on, share with us.  I’m up for a new skill / challenge.

Amy x

* Important topics included:

Carbs – are bad in food, but don’t count in alcohol.  That’s just a given.

YouTube – it takes more than 76 hits to become the new YouTube sensation.  Support our Gangnam Style cause here.

Parking – it’s hard to park straight, let alone avoid the yellow line.

Wine bottles – will move when surrounded by melting ice.  They also talk and are usually asking to be drunk.  Because they’re lonely, but fun, and they want to share.

Sex Toy Slings – umm, don’t ask. But the image was googled.  And thoroughly entertaining.  Especially if you consider the risks involved.  Like being left to hang on the door, completely naked, while your partner gets a drink of water.  Then forgets you’re there and kicks the door open.  So you slam into the wall.  Enough said.

Be careful what you search for

I’m a big fan of the google search. Even better is the random connections/answers/sites that you get back.

After recently teaching my friend how to crochet, she wanted to find some cute patterns for her baby.

She searched for crochet patterns.  Then crochet beanies, crochet headbands, crochet shoes.  And the most beautiful pair of crochet sandals (thongs) appeared.

Google is like a genie really.  You wish it, Google finds it.

Until you get lazy.  Wanting the pattern for these super-cute sandals, my friend google-searched for crochet thongs. This my friends is when the fun began.

I have four words for you:  WHOA!  CROCHET MAN THONG!

How FUNNY is that?  My friend and I laughed and laughed.  I have tears of laughter still.  It’s all about the unexpected, the surprise factor, the BAM: Take That!

I’ve ordered one for Mr F.  He tells me that he’ll need an extra extra large.  I told him he’d better make a wax appointment.

How about you?  What have you found by accident in your internet searching?  Something funny? Strange? Or just rude?  I’m all ears and looking for a laugh.

Amy x

A weekender sewing project: made with socks

Looking for a quick, super cute sewing project that you can finish in a weekend?  With easy to find materials?

Well step right up ladies and gentlemen, you have come to the right place.

We’re talking about the Craft Schmaft Funny Tummy Bunny.  It’s cute, it’s cuddly, and easy to make to boot!

All you need is:

Craft Schmaft Funny Tummy Bunny Pattern (buy it here)
Two adult size, crew length socks
Fabric for ears (20 x 30cm)
Embroidery thread
Matching cotton thread
Toy stuffing
Black and white felt or buttons for eyes, pink felt for nose (optional)

Go on, give it a try.  It’s an ace little project.  So very sweet.

I was lucky enough to trial the pattern before it went to market.  And I loved making it!  Your turn now.


Amy x

A fabric vignette. Cute.

I love a good vignette. Sounds like a good wine I think.

By vignette I mean a shading / screening / ghosting effect often used in graphic design. Like this:

Exactly what I’m talking about. This fabric vignette. Aptly named Ombre Dots by Riley Blake Designs.

Cool, huh? And I’ve learned a new word: ombre. You may already know it. In case you don’t, it’s a french design term meaning the graduation of colour in a garment.

I’ve just made some super cute pillowcases for my girls. With some left over blue for….some creative genius Pinterest type item.

If you like it as I do you can buy it right here at Hawthorne Threads. BTW Hawthorne Threads is one fabo fabric store. I buy all my fabric there. Go. Now. Click. Hawthorne Threads. That’s it.

Bye x

Sewing. A cushy job?

Yesterday I spent some quality time with my brother – Brother sewing machine, that is.  I know, hilarious aren’t I?

I actually haven’t sewn for a few weeks, been concentrating on my crochet – more of that in another post.  (And some questions too – I’ve hit a roadblock.)

So I’ve had these cushion covers cut out and ready to be sewn for about….ummm…let’s see…yes – 6 months now.  Nothing like starting and finishing a project in one go.  Do you finally get around to finishing those half-made things too?

So, with Mr F and kids out for a few hours I sat down and SEWED LIKE THE CLAPPERS (aussie slang for: REALLY REALLY FAST).

I don’t consider myself a fast/speedy sewer.  My mother-in-law: now she can sew fast.  Blink and a new dress is made.  I SWEAR!

So here they are.  5 cushion covers WITH hidden zips – all made in a couple of hours – all looking very sophisticated in our guest bedroom.

A lot of talk and guff really, just to show you these cushion cover quickies.

But hey, thanks for listening to me.

And to show my appreciation – leave me a comment and I’ll send my Oh Sew Rosy Cushion Cover PDF Pattern to you.  For Free.  If you’re one of the first five ‘commenters’

Really, look what you too could be making.  Like now!

Toodles.  Amy x