Ripple Crochet Blanket


How good is CROCHET?!

Really…I am a bit of a nut for it.  A little bit Nana I know, but it works so well as a relaxing ‘unwind’ activity for me.

I usually get stuck into it each evening, once the kids are in bed.  I’ve been making heaps of home decor stuff, from lampshades…to floor mats….and scarves.  I am truly knocking myself out with the stuff!  I’ll publish more pics and how-to posts in the next few weeks – so stay tuned dear readers!

Now to today’s subject (or this year / two year’s subject – because let’s be realistic It’s likely going to take me that long to complete).

It is my RIPPLE CROCHET BLANKET – which is presently at a nice length to cover ONLY my feet. But I’m working on that.


I am loving this ripple pattern – available right here from Attic24. Lucy has provided the pattern, detailed stitch instruction and excellent images – all for free!  Well worth a look and try.

I’m using 10 ply Country Aran from Cleakheaton – and it is divine.  As a bonus it’s nice and thick…so my blanket is growing quickly!  I’d definitely recommend using 8ply yarn or above just for the quick progress alone!

Are you into crochet?  What are you making at the moment?

I love your feedback, so keep it coming!

Rosy x


Weekend at Rosys

What a weekend we’ve had!  In a snapshot there’s been DIYing, baking, chilling, painting, BBQ’s, rain, and…wait for it…nude water sliding (ha!).  Visit my new Weekend at Rosy’s Blog to read more.

Amy x

Sewing. A cushy job?

Yesterday I spent some quality time with my brother – Brother sewing machine, that is.  I know, hilarious aren’t I?

I actually haven’t sewn for a few weeks, been concentrating on my crochet – more of that in another post.  (And some questions too – I’ve hit a roadblock.)

So I’ve had these cushion covers cut out and ready to be sewn for about….ummm…let’s see…yes – 6 months now.  Nothing like starting and finishing a project in one go.  Do you finally get around to finishing those half-made things too?

So, with Mr F and kids out for a few hours I sat down and SEWED LIKE THE CLAPPERS (aussie slang for: REALLY REALLY FAST).

I don’t consider myself a fast/speedy sewer.  My mother-in-law: now she can sew fast.  Blink and a new dress is made.  I SWEAR!

So here they are.  5 cushion covers WITH hidden zips – all made in a couple of hours – all looking very sophisticated in our guest bedroom.

A lot of talk and guff really, just to show you these cushion cover quickies.

But hey, thanks for listening to me.

And to show my appreciation – leave me a comment and I’ll send my Oh Sew Rosy Cushion Cover PDF Pattern to you.  For Free.  If you’re one of the first five ‘commenters’

Really, look what you too could be making.  Like now!

Toodles.  Amy x

Let’s get cosy. Tea cosy that is.

Hello my friends!

I’ve had a good Monday, how about you?  Especially since on my web travels I’ve found the ACEST tea cosies going around.  Here, take a look for yourself:

These ripper tea cosies are designed and made by The Queen of Tea Cosies, Loani Prior.  Better still, Loani has published a couple of tea cosy books giving you a step-by-step guide to knitting your very own: How Tea Cosies Changed the World and Really Wild Tea Cosies.

I came across these utter delights on Mollie Makes (they publish a cutesy crafty magazine that I love).

Are you now Inspired to do more with your tea?  Well count me in girlfriends.  Today I’ve made a decision and I’m getting into tea in a big way.  No more ‘jiggle the bag, drip, drip to sink then bin’ trick at my house.

Oh no sirree.  We are purchasing a fine teapot, some high quality tea, the book: How Tea Cosies Changed The World, knitting an irresistably fancy tea cosy, and sitting down to appreciate and savour a nice cup.

Yes.  This makes me feel cosy already. A good idea I think. To the shops then tomorrow. Then home for a nice strong cup of tea.

Love it x

Images c/o here & here.

Stencil your world

Stencil [official meaning]:  A device for applying a pattern, design, words, etc., to a surface, consisting of a thin sheet of cardboard, metal, or other material.

Stencil [to me meaning]: Taught in art class at high school, necessary to ‘do’ in order to pass.  Producing fairly ordinary, smudged artwork (for me at least).  Thinking it would never fly in real life.  Until NOW.

Because people, STOP THE BUS.  Stencil is cool, and there is such unique, gotta-have, style-queen stencils out and about.

Thank you to you, you stencil creators. (Could I say YOU more in the one sentence do you think?)

Check these little beauties out:

1. Stencilled China Cabinet by Burlap & Blue.  Plus Linda gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.  Does it get any better?  (ok, maybe yes, if Linda stencilled one for me!)

More of these lovely stencils just here at Royal Design Studio.

2.   Bunting Flag Stencil Top.  This stencilling.  Just awesome.  Can’t stop thinking about this one.  Must buy.

4. Wall Stencilling at its best.  Yes, Cutting Edge Stencils are right on the money:

3. Sticker Stencilling.  Here’s some easy at-home stencilling you can do, using left-over stickers:

Go on, stencil your world.  Try it.  I’m going to.  Amy x

Images care of:,,,

I want it all

Yes!  On every wall.

Or maybe just one or two?

I’m talking about Amy Butler’s wallpaper range – which I’ve only just discovered.  It is…well…rather delightful.

Here, look for yourself:



Not forgetting:

How about:

Hmmm, yes I think Stone is my favourite.

Has this been available for ages?  Am I the last to get on the Amy Butler Wallpaper roundabout?  Don’t care – it’s oozing with loveliness – and I want it all!  Now to choose.

Here’s the link to this stunning wallpaper:

You can purchase it from Graham & Brown:

Ciao peoples x