One Mediocre Housewife

In life I reckon there are three types of housewife:

1. The Pristine Housewife: Everything clean and in perfect order before any relaxation can be undertaken.

2. The Mediocre Housewife: Likes cleanliness and order, WANTS cleanliness and order, but will do it in their own time.

3. Not Much Of A Housewife: Housework is overated, simply can’t really be bothered, or better still – hires a cleaner!

What do you think?  Can you place yourself as one of these?  Maybe I’ve over-simplified it?

For me: I’m QUEEN Mediocre Housewife.

Yep, I think I lead the pack.  I have a lot of well-used excuses (working 4 days a week, plus running a small sewing business,  blogging, oh and two young children).  But we’ve all got busy lives so enough of my pity party.  When it comes down to it, this is the way I am and housework really takes a second place to…well everything really.

Here’s some defining moments for the Mediocre Housewife:

Dishes: Do not neccessarily get done after each meal.  Yes I admit it.  We mostly do the evening dishes…wait for it…the next morning.  Or a frantic wash if guests are coming around.

Toys: Where do I begin?  I’ll do the toy clean up probably about 2-3 times per week.  Not every evening after children have gone to bed – I’m usually too stuffed myself! Or a frantic tidy and door closing if guests are coming around.

Vacumming: I’m actually not too bad on the vacuuming – it will happen once a week (usually).  Definitely not every day.  Or if I can get away with a sweep I’ll do that.  Or a frantic sweep and door closing if guests are coming around.

Bathrooms/Toilets:  Hmmm, these are hard to escape. Dirt, soap scum, mould, and germs rear their ugly heads at the first chance they get – and it’s all really visible!  I’ll clean mine once a week (okay sometimes the shower is held out for two weeks – eek!).  However the guest toilet and bathroom ARE bottom of my list.  Until guests come around then I’m like the Spray n Wipe Commercial.  You know the one:

“Got a call from Mr Fryer
He’s bringing round a buyer
The kitchen looked a fright
From the little do last night…”

Yep that’s me.

Dusting: Seriously one of my least favourite tasks.  Also probably one of the quickest and easiest. I think my aversion to it is due to laziness.  Not too lazy to dust, too lazy to move all the stuff and knick-knacks and books that need to be dusted. I would be lucky to dust once every two weeks.  That’s in a good month!  I am saved by my seven year old who is always keen to earn some pocketmoney though, and she’ll often do a good dust for me.

Mopping: Last week I actually re-introduced myself to the mop.  After losing a few shoes on the stickiness of my floor, I decided it was time.  And yes, it only took 20 minutes to mop and it was like brand new.  As always I’m left thinking, why didn’t I do that sooner?

I think I’ve covered the basics here.  What do you think?  Are there other awful, must-delay jobs around the house?  Like window cleaning? Wall degreasing/de-fingerprinting?

We hear a lot about the Pristine Housewife – or aspirations to be one.  Many of my friends are so annoyingly clean and tidy (but I do love you and admire you).

I’m the one who is always apologising for stuff that’s laying about – usually of the sewing description.  Apparantly there is a place for everything.  Really?  What if that place just so happens to be the dining table?

You know it’s taken me a long time, but it’s just now that I’m standing up and saying I’m proud to be One Mediocre Housewife.  My house is generally clean and almost tidy.  I have so much other stuff to do though, that if I waited until I’d cleaned and put away and cleaned and put away some more…I just wouldn’t get enough time to do the fun stuff.

So here’s to the mediocre housewife!  May we just get by with doing the bare minimum, at least until the children grow up and move out…or we just hire a cleaner!

Tell me – where do you sit as a housewife?  Are you a (1) (2) or (3)?

Amy x

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