Sarcasm. Learning from the Best

“Sarcasm is hilarious, when used by myself.  Sarcasm is just being a smart arse when used by my children.” (Quote: Myself and Mrs D).

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Rosy takes on a new name

Hello my gorgeous friends!

It’s official. Your favourite Rosy blog has changed it’s name.


And you can now find us here!

Why the change? My blog was originally based on my sewing business. However, as time’s progressed I’ve found that I’m blogging more about random ‘stuff’, and not much about sewing!

And so Weekend at Rosy’s has been born. Come visit us here. Subscribe if you dare!

Love Amy x

The mother of all vomitrons

Yesterday my George had a 24hr virus. A nasty vomit virus. [Read on at your own stomach-turning risk].

The FNL’s haven’t been blessed with many of these bugs of late. THANK GOD.

So it should not surprise me that Miss 7 scored zero out of ten for getting the vomit in the bucket. Poor darling. Me, I mean. Having to clean it up. (Kidding! I hate it when my girls are sick).

Anyway. There is always the grand finale of the virus, right?. The show-stopper. Well, after a few hours of no throwing up, Georgie got off the couch to go to the toilet and head for bed.

It was in the toilet that Georgie felt the final but dreaded stomach lurch. And proceeded to puke. And vomit. And spew. On everything, everywhere. Except in the toilet itself. I ran in with the bucket, but it only caught a tiny portion.

Holy Ricardo. I have to give her 100 points for coverage. She even counted it up herself and told me this morning that she hit six targets. Toilet floor, toilet seat, toilet walls, hall floor, bucket and toilet (I’m challenging the last target).

So that was our Thursday. And now the countdown begins for the rest of the FNLs. Will the virus spread like its usual wildfire self? Do I feel sick? Do I need to vomit? Do I need to lie down? The questions we’ll be asking ourselves for the next week.

Fingers crossed that the vommie bug has been contained. To our floors, walls, and seats. Hmmm. Don’t like our chances.

By the way, my Georgie is feeling much better today! Thank goodness.

Keep healthy!
Aims x

* Note: no images are included with this post. For obvious reasons.

If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

…then Teenage Boys are from Uranus.  Full stop.

I say this based on pure fact my observations, after spending some time with friends and their teenage boys.  I love these boys – they are kind, gentle, and very funny.  They play with my two daughters even though they are years older than them.

But they are definitely from Uranus. For obvious reasons.  This is coming from me – a mother of two daughters – who like PRETTY.

So I’ve come away armed with some key phrases.  My two favourites?

Number 1: Ball Hands.  A nickname.  Not because of his skill with ball games.  But because he likes to check that his own are still there.  Every 5 minutes!

Number 2: Nugg Time. A favourite past-time for teenage boys apparently. And it is Number Two’s. Literally. And is undertaken several times a day.

Not that I’m completely in the dark about teenage boys.  I did grow up with two brothers.

So I must admit that I could not resist my own toilet humour antics.  The double pop-off dance.  I won’t go into it, but you can probably get what it entails.  And how mature it is.

However after my ‘dance’ and much laughter from said boys (and disgust from Mr F), they only tried to top it with a triple pop-off dance.  They were unsuccessful, and I therefore have kept my status as the Queen of this dance.

Hang on…am I really saying this?  Proud of my farting antics?  Could I be from the same Uranis-isan planet as the teenage boys?  Heck, I’m actually worse because I’m a grown up.  Actually an adult might be a better word.  I have so not grown up!

Do you have boys?  What are their favourite antics and phrases?  Does it make you laugh?  Or cry?

Amy xx

Allan. Allan. Allan

A few months back I wrote about the FNL (aka us / our family) debut into the YouTube arena.  Our favourite clip was Funny Talking Animals – Walk on the Wild Side.  Namely: Allan. Allan.  Allan.  Click here for a recap.

On our camping trip last weekend, my girls were swimming in the pool.  Out of the blue, a parent calls out to their child.  Unremarkable?  Yes.  But this child’s name was…ALLAN.  And it sounded like a dead ringer for that YouTube clip.

Of course Miss Three hears it.  And proceeds to yell – at the top of her darling voice – ALLAN  Allan  ALLAN.  Just like the YouTube clip.  With a pause and giggle in between, she’d start again.  Allan  ALLAN  Allan  Allan.Image

Meantime the boy named Allan is staring at Miss Three, wondering what the heck she is going on about.  And rightly so!  While I’m smiling serenely, stifling a big, fat and uncontrollable laugh at Miss Cheeky (and she knows it), and looking elsewhere.  If you can’t see it, then it’s not happening.  Right?

Because.  How would I explain that to the young child named Allan?  Without stammering.  Nervous laugh: Ha ha Allan – you see there’s this video clip on YouTube blah blah blah?  Awkward moment.

Hmmm best easiest for me to just ignore Miss Three and focus on the suddenly extremely beautiful, interesting and particularly rare pool rock beside me.  Seriously that rock rocked!  At that moment in time anyway.

So.  Where would this blog be without Miss Three?  I do love her so.  Especially her abundance of mischief!

Ciao, Allan Amy x

Old man new

Don’t you love seeing a 40-something man carving it up in a rad sporting activity?

For me – it’s grand entertainment.  Especially when it’s Mr F.  Laugh plus some!  Watching him freestylin’ on his NEW skateboard.  Ha. 

Our Georgie (7 yrs) recently acquired a new skateboard and has been running laps of our cul-de-sac since. Over. and. Over.  She has the Forever Young ‘look’ and is feelin’ the freedom.

Me thinks old Mr F wants to be there.  Right there where Georgie is.

Hang on, wants to be there?  He is there.  Literally right now.  Out the front on his OWN board. He was there on the first day.  Couldn’t wait to kick her off her board and showcase some moves.

So yes, Mr F has now purchased his own skateboard.  Actually looks more like a surfboard.  It’s sooo long. Oh, and did I mention sooo cool?  And his handiwork on the board?

Well let’s see, in his bag of tricks so far we’ve seen:

1. The foot tap / push off / repeat: to get speed.

2. The swish back and forth: to keep momentum.

3. The carve: turning in a wide arc.

Riveting really.  ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ entertainment. Gasp!

But what’s really good is:
The transportation of Mr F to a time when kids played outside till the street lights came on.  Riding your bike to the pool.  Climbing trees.

Skateboarding takes Mr F back to when he was 10 years old – carefree & full of mischief.  Reminiscent stories: old skateboard stacks (accidents), injuries, massive hills, partners in crime and the ‘remember whens’.

Plus, the fun and irreplaceable times with our daughter Georgie, and little Jaz hanging five on her scooter.

Isn’t that just the best?  Old man new.  Not just the physical, but the psychological.

Mind you, despite a recent ‘double hip replacement’ – yes at 40!, I’m egging Mr F on in the tricks department.  Talk him up a bit –  get him to try a mad ollie, kickflip or backside. We do have many a laugh about this.

Oh, and then it was my turn to do a bit of grinding, a noseslide, a 360.  Hmmphh!  I did have a go.  A very wobbly ride, thank you.  And another.  Another.  Had some fun on the old girl.  Felt the wind in my hair.  Well, I wasn’t going that fast, but I was imagining it baby!

For me: no style, but good times.

So that’s it.   Ride free people.  Get back on the bike.  Take yourself back.  Feel young again.  Rad it up.

Love and all that, Amy x

Ps. I LOVE blogging about Mr F.  It is FUN.  So you know, Mr F has a bit of a good humoured laugh at my blogging, always asks “are you going to blog that?”, thinks that people who read blogs have nothing better to do.

Oh, how wrong he is.  And so once another blog post and Mr F has the starring role.