Show me the knitting patterns

I have an online frustration.  Buying Knitting and Crochet pattern books.  Online.

I just have to ask – Where is the detail?  Where are the images of goodness from inside?  You know, the patterns that make up the book? The stuff that inspires me to buy the book?  I need to see more.

In my researchings, online wool stores often only give me a cover shot of the pattern book.  Sometimes there are a few images of patterns from within.  Otherwise some pretty ordinary pics.  Leaving me to… well…leave.  I may not want to crochet a beanie, but I may very well like that scarf on Page Four.  If only I could see it clearly!?

There.  I’ve had my rant.  Or Call to Action for you yarning stores.  Do you agree?  Or am I just going off a bit?  Could this be improved, therefore leading to better pattern sales?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In saying this, there is a huge positive:  A tall THANK YOU to a few wonderful online stores like Wool Baa and Black Sheep Wool n Wares, that include all pattern images, clear & gorgeous, from within each book.  Makes me love you and want to buy from you!  Not only the pattern, but wool as well.  See, it works in more ways than one.

What is your experience with buying wool, fabric or patterns online?  Is it a fun experience? Easy?  Too hard? Or just not as good as an old-fashioned shop?

Tell me!

Amy x


Let’s get cosy. Tea cosy that is.

Hello my friends!

I’ve had a good Monday, how about you?  Especially since on my web travels I’ve found the ACEST tea cosies going around.  Here, take a look for yourself:

These ripper tea cosies are designed and made by The Queen of Tea Cosies, Loani Prior.  Better still, Loani has published a couple of tea cosy books giving you a step-by-step guide to knitting your very own: How Tea Cosies Changed the World and Really Wild Tea Cosies.

I came across these utter delights on Mollie Makes (they publish a cutesy crafty magazine that I love).

Are you now Inspired to do more with your tea?  Well count me in girlfriends.  Today I’ve made a decision and I’m getting into tea in a big way.  No more ‘jiggle the bag, drip, drip to sink then bin’ trick at my house.

Oh no sirree.  We are purchasing a fine teapot, some high quality tea, the book: How Tea Cosies Changed The World, knitting an irresistably fancy tea cosy, and sitting down to appreciate and savour a nice cup.

Yes.  This makes me feel cosy already. A good idea I think. To the shops then tomorrow. Then home for a nice strong cup of tea.

Love it x

Images c/o here & here.

Kids Knits Patterns


A friend asked me yesterday if I knew of any good knitting/crochet patterns for kids.  Just like waving a red cloth at a bull really. I have quite a few favourites and so thought I’d share just a couple:

Firstly, Numero Uno, I heart this, Top of the List has to be: Amanda Keeys Knitting and Crochet Patterns.

 Pic care of here.

Amanda Keeys is a photographer, based in Tamworth Australia.  Her knitting & crochet patterns are to die for, and she has a heavenly book: Baby Beanies.  Put this in your Must Buy Basket girlfriends (or boyfriends)!

Two (2):  I love Kids Tricot.  Divine patterns for the little ones.  And all buyable online. It’s a french website,  so you just hit Translate and everything is displayed in English.  If that’s the lingo that you speak.

Pics care of here.

Numero Tre: For the boys only – is the good old Panda Play Days Pattern Book.

Pic care of here.  You can buy from, and all good knit/wool stores and Spotlight of course.

So, just a quick snapshot.  Tell me: are you inspired?  Or maybe some good ideas for nana to knit?

Ciao lovelies,  Amy x

The two year scarf

A scarf has been knit.  By me actually.  I’m a wee bit stoked about this scarf.  I do love it & I wore it for the first time today.  I had a couple of compliments on it – even better!  Even prouder.

What do you think?  Does it inspire you to knit?  A scarf, a hat, some winter socks maybe?

However I cannot take all credit for the scarf.  Though I didn’t use a pattern, I was inspired by a pic in the quite awesome Frankie Magazine (Issue 35, May/June 2010).  Yes, that’s 2010 – two years ago, hence the title of this post.  Hey, it grew very SLOWLY. Actually my scarf was a very close interpretation of the featured ‘Frankie’ scarf – see:

For mine, I chose a bamboo/cotton blend yarn (super soft – or faceworthy as Deb says).  Just one thing: I chose a 4ply yarn, so it took AGES to finish.  ps. I think it was 4ply.  Is it just me or is there lots of yarn that isn’t ‘ply’ labelled?  So frustrating yarn-makers.  Please take note.

So for scarf details – you will need 9 balls of 50gm yarn (3 x 3 colours).  I’d recommend you use 8ply yarn. I cast on 50 stitches for each colour.  Then knit one row, purl one row.  Repeat.  Repeat again.  And again until you reach your desired length.  Then repeat all of the above for your other two colours.  Just remember that when you plait the scarf it will become a bit shorter so allow extra for that.

To join at the end, just lightly stitch together with your yarn (hide your stitches).  Try not to over do it or stitch too closely to the end – at first mine looked a bit stumpy, and I had to undo it and stitch again.

Thanks for hanging out with me & reading about my knitting adventures.  For me, such a good feeling to finish a knit and still want to wear it.  I hope this gives you an inkling to dust off the knitting needles and learn/re-learn the art of making good things with yarn.

Any questions on this scarf or knitting project, I’d love to hear from you.  Just drop me a line or comment and I’ll get back to you in a flash.

Love to all.  Amy x