Rosy in the news

Hey, Oh Sew Rosy featured in the Courier Mail last Sunday, in the HomeMade Section – giving readers some great crafty ideas and tips for the upcoming school holidays.  Cute and easy projects include: making an iPod Cover & Craft in a Hoop.

And no, that’s not a pic of me next to the article – I’ll try for a Rosy shoot next time!

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Amy x


Craft in a Hoop

Kids CraftThis is a quick and creative sewing/craft project for kids – great for school holidays!


Craft in a Hoop Ingredients

1 x embroidery hoop (available from Spotlight)
1 x piece of fabric (to fit hoop)
Fabric scraps
Embroidery thread
Craft glue

How To:

1. Unscrew your embroidery hoop and place your piece of fabric over inner hoop. Place outer hoop over the top, ensuring the fabric is taut, and screw back together.

Craft in a Hoop

2. On your computer, print out letters, or shapes to trace onto your fabric scraps.

3. On the reverse side of your fabric, trace your letters or shapes and then cut out.

4. Using your fabric glue, stick your letters/shapes to the fabric on your hoop.

Craft in a Hoop

5. If you would like to try hand sewing, thread your needle with embroidery thread. Using a running stitch, sew around your letters/shapes.

Craft in a Hoop with sewing

6. Embellish your Craft In A Hoop, by glueing buttons and ribbons onto it.

Craft in a Hoop

7. Cut the excess fabric off from around the hoop.

8. Hang your Craft In A Hoop masterpiece and show it off to everybody! I bet it looks fantastic.

Kids Craft

Amy x

Make your own iPod Touch / iPhone Cover

A sewing project for kids (with Mum’s help)!  This very cute cover can be made for any mobile phone / iPod / MP3 player / device.


1 x piece of fabric (20cm wide) (outer cover)
1 x felt square (lining)
15cm ribbon
Matching Thread

Sewing Machine
Tape Measure

How to:

1. Measure your iPod/phone (length x width).

2. Calculate your fabric measurements: Double the length and add 8cm, then add 5cm to the width.

3. Using a ruler, mark your measurements onto the wrong side of your fabric.   Place your device onto the marked out fabric and check that the cover will fit.  Cut out the outer cover.

4. Place the outer cover onto the felt and pin together.  Cut around the fabric to get your lining.

Now you’re ready to sew:

1. With right sides together, place your fabric over the felt (matching all edges) and pin.

2. Using a 1cm seam allowance, and remembering to reverse stitch at the start of your seam and end of your seam, sew around the cover, leaving a 3cm gap on the long side (finish sewing 3cm before you reach the start).

3. Trim around the edges, leaving a 5mm seam allowance.  Trim each corner off (being very careful not to cut into your sewing).

4. Turn your cover right side out.  Looking good I bet!  Ask Mum or Dad to iron the cover for you.

6. Place your device into the centre of the cover (with felt side facing up).  With tailors chalk or pencil, draw a line at the base of the device onto your cover – this is where the fold will go.

7. Fold at the line, inserting one end of your ribbon approx. 1.5cm – 2cm from the top of the bottom flap. The pic below gives you an idea of ribbon placement.

8. With a 5mm seam allowance, and starting from the bottom, sew through all layers, all the way around (sandwiching the ribbon between layers), also topstitching the flap, until you reach the point where you need to insert the other end of the ribbon.  Sandwich the ribbon between the two layers (as you did before) and continue sewing until you reach the bottom again.

9. And…ta-daaa!  You clever thing – you’ve just made yourself an ultra cute cover for your mobile/music device.  Woo Hoo!