A simple toy has us McStuffed

Meet Melman.


The Giraffe from Madagascar.

Now meet McHappy Melman. Supported by his entourage of a piece of string with green-plastic-square things {technical term}.

This is the latest and greatest toy available in a McHappy Meal.

The Happy Meal Toy that my kids MUST have. The toy that is discarded by my kids after 3.5 minutes. The toy that I invariably throw out the next day. Actually, now I throw it out when we get home. Save the clutter, the dust collection, the “what does this thing do anyway?” when re-discovered three months down the track.

I do have to say though that Melman and his string /green plastic accessories take the cake. After he was torn from the packaging and shoved in my face so that I could make it work, we all had three words for it:

What The McFlurry?

Alright I’m being polite. We really said “What the Fuck?”  But we said it really quietly as our children were nearby and we were in a ‘family restaurant’. And it is on this basis that I nominate myself for Mother of The Year. And while we’re there, let’s make it Yummy Mummy of the Year. Why not? Haha!

But I digress. Back to the story.

Apparently, according to the instructions, in McHappy Land, Melman is meant to swing in a circular motion around the string. Around and around. Like clockwork really.

Here’s our attempt to make that happen:

After much hilarity and more ‘What the McFlurrys”, we did the adult thing and sent the kids back to the counter with the toy to ask the Maccas staff how the heck it worked.

1 minute passed. 2 minutes. 3, 4, 5 minutes. Then the kids come back with a NEW, DIFFERENT TOY!  You got it, not even the staff knew how to work this swingin’ Melman.

So here’s the replacement toy:

It’s like Groundhog Day.  We’re still left puzzled, shaking our heads in bewilderment.  And we ask ourselves again: What the Fuck McFlurry?

It is, my friends, the vicious cycle of the McHappy Meal Toy. Only escapable once children are 10 years old. Or when you never eat at Maccas. Of course.

Amy x